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  • PR Housing Department Building HVAC Energy reduction assessment and design  (Quantum) – Senior Mechanical Consultant

    • Provide all engineering effort and logistic for a complete HVAC system energy assessment resulting in good outcome implementation.

    • Provide all engineering effort for a complete HVAC system design, focused on energy reduction and interdisciplinary coordination, piping and controls logics design.  Energy assessment design.


  • First Hospital Panamericano Hospital, Cidra, PR – Senior Mechanical Consultant

    • Provide all engineering expertise and effort for a complete facilities HVAC Upgrade system design including chillers, pumps, kitchen a/c, all air handlers, all fan coils and general improvements to indoor air quality all focused on energy reduction.

  • Merck Sharp Dohme – Arecibo, PR (Alproem)

    • Project Manager for Construction - Installation: 41 VFD’s, CHW Pressure Independent Control Valves to 16 Ahu’s, Energy Measurement System to 41 electric motors, Intelligent Energy Controllers for Chilled Water Generation and Distribution; Intelligent Controller for QO Laboratory Operations; Energy Initiatives Project

Final Construction cost: +/- $1,800,000

  • Bristol, Myers, Squibb – Manatí, PR  (CRB Caribe)

Mechanical Consultant and Design Project Manager for:

  • Design for Addition of a new 1,250 tons centrifugal water cooled chiller and cooling tower to existing facilities and demolition of three 750 tons chillers with their corresponding pumps, cooling towers and piping

  • Design for consolidation and replacement of Four (4) air handling units, approximately 400 tons

  • Design of mechanical ventilation system for the flammable pad building

  • Design of HVAC modifications for gowning rooms 113, 119, 124, 140A

  • Design of modifications to the Laboratory hazardous waste ventilation system

  • Design of HVAC and Fire Protection for Orencia Medical Testing area

  • Analysis and design for all related to replacement of a Re-Heat Water Heat Transfer Package

  • Analysis and design for all related to Security Data Room HVAC upgrade project

  • All required analysis and recommendations for correction of a steam condensate handling from main warehouse Ahu’s

  • Novartis – Exlax – Humacao, PR (CRB) Mechanical Consultant for:

  • Piping and plumbing Systems (compressed air, chilled water, re-heat water) for GMP Improvements (phase I and II) Project including 450 tons chiller, cooling tower, new primary pump, new tower water pumps, replacement of secondary water pumps and accessories

  • Replace, specify  and increase capacity (60 to 100 HP) for Hot Water Boilers system including controls, piping and exhaust chimney

  • Design and specify all mechanical required for two 125 HP air compressors replacement and provide operations scheme.  Specified operations scheme of this project produced big energy savings

  • Develop Construction Drawings and Specifications for replacement of a DX process chiller by a chilled water heat exchanger and instrumentation serving GMP manufacturing area

  • Utilities analysis for chilled water, compressed air and hot water boilers

  • Design of chilled water and re-heat water pipelines for existing warehouse new HVAC equipment

  • Pfizer, - Vega Baja, PR (LGSCOTT and CRB) Mechanical Consultant for:

    • Design a Low-humidity air conditioning, dust collection, chilled water piping, steam, plumbing, compressed air and re-heat water for two GMP high speed packaging lines rooms. (LGScott)

    • Design and specify the chilled water, steam, steam condensate, compressed air and plumbing infrastructure for the following GMP areas:

      • Packaging Building Expansion project

      • Detrol manufacturing area (Glatt fluid bed dryer and Solution Preparation Room)

      • Norpace Bead coating pan projects (CRB)

    • Expansion of USP water generation room including New Still unit, required piping utilities, plumbing and ancillary  mechanical systems serving GMP manufacturing areas (CRB)

  • Sam’s Mayagüez – Mechanical consultant engineer for HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems (LGScott)


  • Wal-Mart and Sam’s Ponce, PR – Support Mechanical engineer for design of HVAC and plumbing systems (LGScott)

  • Bristol, Myers, Squibb – Humacao, PR Mechanical Consultant for:

    • 37,000 GPM cooling towers systems conceptual mechanical design  (LGScott)

    • Design HVAC system classification 100,000 class project Ibersartan  (LGScott)

    • Specify and develop HVAC Demolition documents for buildings #11, #6, #29 (FLUOR)

  • Pfizer - Carolina – Mechanical Consultant for Design a fuel supply system, ceiling mounted Dry Chemical Fire Protection System, piping and office air conditioning to four (4) 2,500 KVA generators building (LGScott)

  • Pfizer – Barceloneta, PR – Mechanical Consultant for Design 100,000 class Air conditioning system (Raymond Professional Group)

  • Wyeth – Guayama, PR – Mechanical Consultant for Design HVAC systems and "piping" for the main chemical laboratory (Stantec)

  • IPR Pharmaceuticals – Canóvanas, PR – Assistant Construction manager assistant for a $12.5 million project solid dose building built from ground – Civil, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Process, Manufacturing, etc.

  • Quebradillas Municipality Post Office (USPS) – Mechanical Consultant for Design HVAC system and plumbing (LGScott)

  • Warner Chillcott – Fajardo, PR – Mechanical Consultant for Analysis and design of the required mechanical infrastructure for distribution of Chilled water, steam, steam condensate, compressed air and re-heat water piping systems - Hormones Project (Stantec)

  • Procter & Gamble – Cayey, PR  (LGScott and CRB) Mechanical Consultant

    • Design HVAC system and finger lift "battery room"

    • Capacity analysis of utilities; steam, chilled water, compressed air

    • Design HVAC new office area approx. 8,000 ft2 with VAV air boxes system

    • Design HVAC and plumbing Design cafeteria remodeling

    • Design HVAC, Dust Collection and Piping for expansion and remodeling GMP pre-weight facilities

    • Design HVAC, Dust Collection and Piping for additional GMP cream manufacturing facilities

    • Design HVAC, Piping and Plumbing for Portable Tanks Storage Area

  • Cupeyville School – Río Piedras, PR – HVAC Design for new library building (AC Consultants)

  • BASF – Jayuya, PR - Mechanical Consultant for Design Low-humidity HVAC, dust collection, chilled water, steam, compressed air, plumbing and re-heat piping systems for two packaging lines. (LGScott)

    • Kikuet Products – Canóvanas and Carolina, PR – Mechanical Consultant; Cooling load calculations, Specification and design of two Blast Freezers Refrigeration facility for manufacturing activities support (LGScott)

    • Cupeyville School, San Juan, Puerto Rico HVAC Design and Consulting Services for new Two floors library

    • University of Puerto Rico Central Administration, Resident Inspector for air conditioning system improvements to air and glycol distribution sides of HVAC retrofit project to eleven buildings of UPR Bayamón Campus (AC Consultants)

Final Construction cost: +/- $2,490,000

  • Municipality of Aguas Buenas, P.R., Construction inspector, Design Project manager and Specification of required repairs for existing and new infrastructure to add hydraulic capacity for flooding control to the sports complex storm sewer system (AC Consultants)

  • MAPFRE-PRAICO Insurance, Inc.; Chinto Rodón Community, San Sebastian, P.R., Project Manager to Assist the contractor and drive this housing improvements project to its finish to avoid project bond default (AC Consultants) - Final Construction cost: : +/- $100,000

  • Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA); Jardines de Guamaní, Guayama, P.R.  Project-Construction Manager of a Sewer Main pipe emergency replacement while in use (AC Consultants)

     Final Construction cost: : +/- $50,000

  • Municipality of Morovis, P.R. Bo. Ensanche, Project-Construction Manager of an underground and overhead Sanitary Sewer Main with their corresponding pumps station. (Coratex Construction) Final Construction cost: : +/- $850,000

  • Municipality of Canóvanas, P.R. Bo. Torrecillas, Project-Construction Manager of a new Sanitary Sewer pump station for approximate two (200) hundred units housing complex (Coratex Construction) - Final Construction cost: +/- $425,000

  • Municipality of Patillas, P.R.; Bo. Providencia, Project-Construction Manager of a new 100,000 gallons Concrete Water Tank (Coratex Construction) - Final Construction cost: +/- $450,000

  • PREPA - Palo Seco Thermoelectric Steam Plant, Toa Baja, P.R. Project-Construction Manager of a new Sanitary Sewer System (Coratex Construction)

Contract price: +/- $450,000

  • PREPA - Toro Negro I Hydroelectric Power Plant, Villalba, P.R. Project-Construction Manager of a new Sanitary Sewer System and pumping station  (Coratex Construction)

Final Construction cost: +/- $125,000

  • “Hospital Panamericano”, Cidra, P.R.; Project-Construction Manager for Finishes and start-up of a new 50,000 gallons Fire Protection and Concrete Water reservoir with their corresponding pumping and controls system including deep well water supply. (Coratex Construction)

Final Construction cost: +/- $225,000

  • PRASA - Wastewater treatment plant, Comerío, P.R.  Project-Construction Manager of two concrete new sampling facilities for influent and effluent water areas. (Coratex Construction)

Final Construction cost: +/- $130,000

  • UPR - “Jardín Botánico”, Rio Piedras, P.R., Project-Construction Manager of a concrete protection for an optic fiber conduits (Coratex Construction)

Final Construction cost: +/- $240,000

  • UPR - “Jardín Botánico”, Rio Piedras, P.R., Project-Construction Manager of Site Sanitary 8” Sewer pipe system, Phase I and II. 1,200m approximately pipe lenght (Coratex Construction)

  • Municipality of Juana Díaz; Project-Construction Manager Elderly housing remodeling, Juana Díaz P.R. (Coratex Construction)

    Final Construction cost: +/- $450,000

  • Municipality of Aguas Buenas; Rafael Nicoláu School, Project-Construction Manager of an Overhead and Underground Main Sanitary Sewer pipe system (Coratex Construction)

    Final Construction cost: +/- $85,000


  • Schering-Plough QC Laboratories Building, Manatí, PR

Preliminary design of a 64,000 SF two story building to accommodate the QC laboratories and other support areas. The QC facilities included raw, bulk and finished products analytical laboratories, organism and identification microbiological laboratories as well the mechanical rooms. Utilities building for chiller pumps, cooling tower and an emergency generator with a substation. The support areas included: security checkpoint that controls the access to the facilities, sample receiving and staging area, locker and toilet rooms, elevator’s lobby, electrical room, communication room, BMS room, janitor room, loading dock receiving area, waste, flammable and corrosive storage rooms.

  • Expansion II of BLDG. C-1, Ivax Pharmaceuticals, Cidra, PR

50,000 SF building expansion including warehouse, loading docks areas, control substance vaults, pharmaceutical weigh, sampling rooms and office areas.



  • Gown De-gown Project, Pharmacia, Barceloneta, PR

Remodeling existing building area including a new loading dock area, new entrance and canopy for the ambulance station, warehouse areas, general bathrooms, lockers room, gowning areas, clinical and emergency medical facilities, conferences and office areas.

  • Building “A” Expansion, Leasehold Improvement, Nypro, Aguadilla, PR

Space planning of a 77,800 SF building expansion, including manufacturing areas for electronic equipment, shipping and receiving areas, locker rooms, utilities rooms, offices and a learning center.

  • Two Blister Packaging Lines Project, PFIZER, Vega Baja, PR

Remodeling an existing building area for filling rooms, packaging room, airlocks and utilities room.

  • QA Laboratory Module - IPR Pharmaceuticals, Canóvanas, PR

Analytical laboratory project that included robotic areas, organic and inorganic solution rooms, a waste consolidation room and the working bench area.

  • Analytical Laboratories and Offices Building, Elli Lilly, Carolina, P.R.

Group in one place all the multi-functional trainings rooms and the main conference room required for this pharmaceutical facility.

  • Finished Good Warehouse – IPR Pharmaceuticals, Canóvanas, PR

New 28,000 SF building including warehouse, a cold storage, offices and utilities areas.

  • Vaquería Tres Monjitas New Facilities, Dorado, PR

Administration building (20,000 SF) design and co-worker job captain in the design, production and coordination of construction documents for a 60 million dollars new plant facilities.

  • Wyeth – Ayerst Lederle Greenfield Master Plan Project, Carolina, PR

Master plan Development for new plant facilities. Including managers and directors’ interviews and production forecasts review required to define future plant needs.



  • Wyeth – Ayerst Lederle, Parental Facilities Expansion, Carolina, PR

Construction documents for the expansion and remodeling of the existing pharmaceutical facilities.

  • Celecoxib Commercial, Searle, Barceloneta, PR

Fast track project Remodeling of a chemical plant including design of areas using isolation technology for process, milling operations, and centrifuges. Field support and inspection throughout construction.

  • IPR Pharmaceuticals, QA Lab Building, Guayama, PR

Construction documents for a new two-level 16,600 SF building addition including a new 3,000 SF laboratory, offices and stability areas.

  • Partial Remodeling of Naguabo, Gurabo and San Lorenzo Diagnostic and Treatment Center

Design, production and coordination of construction documents for the expansion and remodeling including ambulance entrance logistic, x-ray facilities, waiting area, medical files area, medical staff desks area, medicine controlled storage, airlocks, and examination, treatment and isolation rooms. Interviewing the medical staff was done to define new requirements for the project.

  • Ambulatory Surgery Recovery Area-Caguas Regional Hospital

Construction documents and coordination for a new ambulatory surgery area. Development of this project adhered to latest environmental design standards for recovery areas.


  • Fajardo Judicial Center Complex, Fajardo, PR

Design of electrical power facilities including primary, secondary, public lighting, right of way, telecommunications.

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants  In Cayey, Aguadilla Mall, Plaza Guayama, Plaza Caparra.

  • Monte Hiedra

Design of lighting, data, fire alarm and telecommunication facilities.

  • University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center, San Juan

 Design of exterior electrical facilities including transmission, primary, secondary, substation, public lighting, right of way, telecommunication and pumps stations.

  • Bayamon 308 and 292 Correctional Complex, Bayamón

Design of the electrical and security facilities including primary, secondary, security, cctv, public lighting, right of way, telecommunication and data distributions.

  • Rio Valenciano Water Treatment Plant, Juncos, PR

Design of electrical exterior and interior facilities including transmission, primary, secondary, substation, public lighting, right of way, telecommunication, fire alarm, data, and instrumentation distribution.

  • Ron de Lugo Federal Building, Saint Thomas USVI

Design 80 KW photovoltaic system including electrical distribution, interconnection facilities, net metering facilities, racking and anchoring system.

  • Ruben Rodriguez Vocational High School, Naranjito, PR

Design of the electrical exterior and interior facilities including transmission, primary, secondary, public lighting, right of way, telecommunication, fire alarm and data distributions including government agencies endorsements (AEE and PRTRB).


  • Miscellaneous steel and concrete structural designs for Glidden stores and factory.

  • Partner for seismic analysis and retrofitting for Vega Baja public school.


  • Analysis and design for house model to commonwealth of Puerto Rico. 



  • Structural review of roof in ballroom San Geronimo Caribe Hilton Hotel.



  • Structural steel design of offices building and structural certification of foundations for Vestas wind turbines and all structural design for sport Park Ponce Puerto Rico.



  • Structural design for Complejo Deportivo Millito Navarro de Ponce.



  • Project manager and structural design for GTP Telecommunications projects.



  • Ballroom Conquistador Hotel Fajardo.



  • Water Park Conquistador Resort.



  • Museo de Vida Silvestre Ave. Kennedy.



  • Prime Outlets Barceloneta extension and other similar projects in steel and concrete materials.


  • Structural design in steel and concrete for pharmaceutical industry in Wyeth Guayama, Wyeth Carolina, Amgen New Laboratory, Lilly New Building.



  • Bahía del Sol (walk- up), Cabo Rojo.



  • Edificio 509 (300 unidades de viviendas), Hato Rey.



  • Farmacia La Cima, Yabucoa.



  • Puma Caribe, Bayamón.



  • San German Water Park.



  • Comunidad Especial Tierra Santa, Guaynabo.



  • Escuela American Military Academy, Gurabo.



  • E.F. Enterprises,(Edificio de Almacén), Bayamón.



  • Technical Distributors, (Edificio de Almacén), San Juan.



  • ASSMCA (Remodelación Hospital), Bayamón.



  • Mental Health Center Improvements, (Remodelación Hospital) Mayagüez.



  • The Marble Shop I y II (Edificio Comercial), Guaynabo.



  • Bio-Seguridad, Centro Médico.



  • Estacionamiento Hospital Pediátrico.



  • Cayey Medical Plaza (Oficinas Médicas) , Cayey.



  • Teatro Escuela Baldwin, Guaynabo.



  • Mejoras Pfizer Guayama.



  • Mejoras UPR - Recinto Bayamón.



  • Juncos First Medical.



  • Desarrollo Finca Multeado (Infraestructura Centro de Convenciones), Ponce.



  • Egida Baldwin View, Guaynabo.



  • Escuela Nicolás Sevilla, Toa Alta.



  • Escuela Lino Padrón, Vega Baja.



  • Escuela José de Diego, Las Piedras.



  • Escuela Nicolás Aguayo, Caguas.



  • Escuela Felipe Rivera Centeno, Caguas



  • Escuela José Juan Osuna, Caguas.



  • Urbanización La Hacienda (91 casas) Caguas.



  • Escuela Rexville, Bayamón.



  • Mejoras Edificio de Fomento (El-Com) Caguas.



  • Escuela Abelardo Díaz Morales, Caguas.



  • Universidad National College, Rio Grande.



  • Customed Fajardo (Farmacéutica).

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