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Engineering & Claims Solutions is a professional services group focused in mechanical engineering consulting and project management services with the professional assistance of a multi-disciplinary engineering and architectural team which has plentiful experience and capacity to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the commercial, institutional, industrial, food industry and sophisticated pharmaceutical industry environment.

In Engineering & Claims Solutions:

• You will have contact and accountability in a single point

• Your projects will be handled by professionals with vast experience


JOSÉ ARMANDO CORA RODRÍGUEZ, PE; founder and principal of the company is a licensed mechanical engineer authorized for practice in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico which has more than 25 years of combined experience (since 1988) in the fields of construction project management (civil, mechanical and electrical infrastructure) and design of mechanical projects in the public, private and sophisticated pharmaceutical GMP environment.

In search for professional development as mechanical engineer and project manager in technically complex environments, Armando Cora found great opportunities with well-known international and local engineering offices and pharmaceutical construction business like; LG Scott, Raymond Professional Group, Stantec, CRB Caribe, Fluor Daniel, Quantum Consulting and Alproem Engineering Contractors.


Understanding the success and goals of Engineering & Claims Solutions clients is our reason for presence in the market, Engineering & Claims Solutions mission is: within a reasonable time frame, to serve and keep a firm commitment toward physical and economical objectives of our clients while providing high quality services.

  • Industrial – All manufacturing, sophisticated pharmaceutical industry, refrigerated facilities, warehouses, etc.

  • Commercial – Offices, shops, malls, restaurants and fast food.

  • Institutional – Educational Facilities, Hospital and other health care facilities D. Hotel Facilities.

  • Municipalities – buildings, parking, drinking water pipelines, bridges and roads, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer systems.

  • Government Agencies – (PRASA, AEE, AEP, etc.)

Errors and Omissions insurance protection up to $1,000,000.00.

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