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Architecture is the process and the product of planningdesigning, and constructing buildings and other physical structures according to space and ambiance in order to be functional for their occupants. Also oversees, safety issues, codes compliance, technical and social matters for commercial activity as well as environmental and aesthetic considerations.  It requires the creative manipulation and coordination of materials and technology.



  • Design and Consulting for public and private projects(Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, sports facilities, hospital and healthcare facilities, etc.)

  • Planning and Scheduling of office and other interior spaces (Lay-Out & Space Planning).

  • Assessment and analysis of code compliance.

  • Single and Multi-story apartment buildings; residential, office, commercial, parking facilities, etc.

  • Master Plans development and Planning "Site Plans".

  • Organization and programming needs for office space and other interior spaces (Lay-Out & Space Planning).

  • One story and multi-floors Buildings, residential, offices, malls and parking’s.

  • Surveying existing facilities (as-built plans).

  • Promotional projects presentations.

  • Assessment and evaluation of existing structures.

  • Special presentations, graphics (rendering, 3D models).

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